Sign Permit

Online Portal

The City of Junction City’s Online Portal is for conducting any business you may have with Building and Code Enforcement electronically.

Sign Permit Required Documents

  • Sign Permit Application (PDF) - To include licensed Contractor
  • Picture of Graphics of Proposed
  • Site Plan/Survey - Showing location of sign
    • No signs will be allowed in the public right-of-way.
    • Signs located in historic zones may result in up to a 30 day waiting period for approval/issuance of permit.

Penalty Fee

Building permits taken out after a project has been started are charged a penalty fee. Learn more on our Penalty Fee page.

Real Property Taxes & Special Assessments

Real property taxes and installments of special assessments against all properties within the corporate limits of the City which are owned by the applicant*, and which are due and owing on the date the permit is issued, will be paid in full.

Please note: Applicant includes any person or legal entity that has an ownership interest in the parcel and any person or legal entity that will perform the work for which a building permit is issued.