Residential New Construction

Online Portal

The City of Junction City’s Online Portal is for conducting any business you may have with Building and Code Enforcement electronically.

Residential New Construction Permit Required Documents

  • New Construction Permit Application (PDF) - To include licensed Contractors and Craftsmen.
  • Site plan/survey prepared and signed by a registered Kansas design professional. This drawing will need to include the following:
    • All finished floor elevations
    • The dimensions and location on the lot of the building or improvement to be erected altered or enlarged
    • Front elevations at property line extended to curb line
    • Landscaping and/or screening, if required
    • Location and actual dimensions of the lot to be occupied
    • Location and dimension of any existing easements
    • Location of proposed water and sanitary sewer
    • Proposed drainage patterns
    • Proposed erosion control features
    • Proposed fence location
    • Proposed sidewalk location
    • Rear lot elevations (not required for fencing plans)

Additional Information May Be Required

Additional information may be required as necessary by the Codes Administrator for any permit application.

  • Drainage plan
  • Existing contours
  • Proposed contours

Penalty Fee

Building permits taken out after a project has been started are charged a penalty fee that is double the permit fee, up to a maximum of $500. Get more information on the Penalty Fee page.

Real Property Taxes & Special Assessments

Real property taxes and installments of special assessments against all properties within the corporate limits of the City which are owned by the applicant*, and which are due and owing on the date the permit is issued, will be paid in full.

Please note: Applicant includes any person or legal entity that has an ownership interest in the parcel and any person or legal entity that will perform the work for which a building permit is issued.