Fence Permit

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The City of Junction City’s Online Portal is for conducting any business you may have with Building and Code Enforcement electronically.

Fence Permit Required Documents

  • Fence Permit Application (PDF)
  • sufficient Drawing (call Code Enforcement at 785-210-2951 to check if there is one on file) - This drawing will need to include the following:
    • Location and actual dimensions of the lot
    • Location and dimension of any existing easements
    • Location and dimension of any existing buildings
    • The dimensions and location of the proposed fence
  • If sufficient drawings cannot be provided, a site survey/plan, prepared and signed by a registered Kansas design professional, drawn to scale, may be required.

Picking a Contractor

Fence contractors are not licensed by the City of Junction City. Be sure to check out your contractor by asking them for references.

Deciding on the Type of Fence

Some things to think about before deciding what type of fence you would like, or where you would like to install the fence:

  • The maximum height for a fence in a front yard is four (4) feet, and must be 50% opaque. The front yard is any yard facing a street. Corner lots will have two (2) front yards. 
  • The maximum height for a fence on the side and rear of your property is 6 feet. 
  • The permit fee is $25.
  • Fences may be constructed in, on and/or across easements exclusively at the owner's risk. (Ordinance Number G-1081).
  • It is unlawful for any person to place or keep any barb wire or sharp iron points on any railing, fence or posts within the City limits of Junction City, Kansas. (Section 220.850 of the Code of the City of Junction City)
  • Specifically prohibited are fences constructed with materials commonly defined as "chicken wire" or similar nature.

Penalty Fee

Building permits taken out after a project has been started are charged a penalty fee. Learn more on our Penalty Fee page.

Real Property Taxes & Special Assessments

Real property taxes and installments of special assessments against all properties within the corporate limits of the City which are owned by the applicant, and which are due and owing on the date the permit is issued, will be paid in full.

Please note: Applicant includes any person or legal entity that has an ownership interest in the parcel and any person or legal entity that will perform the work for which a building permit is issued.