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Public Works Logo Welcome to the Junction City Public Works web page. Public Works Services includes; Sanitation (Trash/ Recycling), Sanitary Sewer Operations, Storm Sewer Operations, Street Maintenance, and Water Distribution Operations. Links on our site will take you to more detailed information on the Department's responsibilities, as well as provide more information on our services.

The Department of Public Works is located at 700 N. Jefferson Street. The office is open to assist customers Monday through Friday from 7:30 am through 4:00 pm. Phone (785) 238-7142.

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Mission Statement/Goals

The mission of the Junction City Department of Public Works dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the City of Junction City by providing the highest quality of public works services, facilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of the community.  “Customer Service First” are the words in which the department stands-by.

Hydrant RepairHydrant Repairs


Goals of the Department of Public Works

  • To provide quality infrastructure (Streets, Water Distribution, Sanitary Collection, and Drainage Conveyance) that conveys safe, efficient delivery of essential goods and services.
  • To create a safe and accessible environment for the citizens and visitors of the City of Junction City while improving the infrastructure of the City.
  • To deliver professional quality public service with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  • To provide cost efficient sanitation service to the citizens and businesses within the City.
  • To develop a well-trained, equipped, and skilled City workforce to ensure safe, efficient, and effective services as well as being responsive in an emergency.

Snow RemovalSnow Plowing  


Staff Directory

Ray Ibarra, Director of Public Works         (785) 238-7142      [email protected]

Glenn Rogers, Utilities Supervisor             (785) 238-7142      glenn[email protected]

Jeff Roether, Street & Traffic Supervisor     (785) 238-7142      [email protected]  

Michael Downs, Sanitation Foreman         (785) 238-7142      [email protected]

Geoff Lewis, Lead Mechanic                     (785) 238-7142      [email protected]


Street Repair Street Repair

Services Provided

*Street Maintenance                                     *Water Distribution       

170 miles of streets                                        280 miles of water main  

Minor Repairs                                                Hydrant Maintenance

Street Sweeping                                             Meter Installation/ Repairs 

Traffic Signals                                                Water Main Break Repairs

Weed Control Signage                 

*Snow and Ice Removal                               *Sanitary Sewer Collection

Street Striping                                                210 miles of sanitary sewer     

Street Lighting                                                Lift Station Maintenance (21 Stations)            

(Downtown/ City Lots)                                     Sewer Cleaning/Televising  

                                                                     Manhole Repairs

*Storm Water Collection                               *Sanitation Collection

Catch Basin Clean-outs                                    Trash Pick-up

Storm Sewer Cleaning                                      Spring & Fall Clean-up (leafs, etc.)

Drainage Maintenance                                      Special Pick-up (Large Collection Items)

Manhole Repairs                                              Blight Clean-up (Debris Clean-ups)

*Fleet Maintenance/ Other

DPW/ Eng/ Building & Codes

Event Set-up (Sundown Salute)

Airport Maintenance      


Trash ServiceTrash Services