Retail Fireworks Stand Information


Junction City Fire Department

Retail Fireworks Regulations

 REVISED 01/09/15

Any person operating a fireworks stand shall abide by and comply with the provisions of this article, applicable City of Junction City and State of Kansas ordinances, and other reasonable conditions and restrictions which may be required by the Fire Chief prior to granting the permit.

No temporary stand may be erected or constructed on any premises [prior] to June 13th of any year.


Retail fireworks stands may NOT sell product until the fire department has issued a City permit to operate. 

It is the responsibility of the applicant/owner/manager of the retail fireworks stand to contact the Junction City Fire Department to schedule an inspection prior to opening for business as part of the permitting process.  Inspections will only be performed between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. 

The Operator shall conspicuously display its current Kansas Retailers’ Sales Tax Registration Certificate at the Fireworks Stand.

A copy of Distributors license from which stand purchases their fireworks, must be included with application and a copy kept on stand premises.

The retail fireworks stand must be staffed by someone that is 18 years or older at all times.


No such stand shall be erected within one hundred (100) feet of any gasoline station or commercial garage or within seventy five (75) feet of any permanent structure. Minimum setback from the street curbing shall be ten (10) feet, but no such stand shall be less than six (6) feet back from the inside edge of the sidewalk.  Minimum setback shall be twenty (20) feet from the property line.  

The Fire Chief may cause any temporary fireworks stand located within the city to be moved to a different location based upon health and safety concerns.

There shall be no vehicle parking or parking of gasoline generators or any type of flammable liquid containers within twenty (20) feet of any temporary fireworks stand located within the city to be moved to a different location based upon health and safety concerns.


No one shall be allowed to sleep within any fireworks stand at any time.

Barricades sufficient to prevent the parking of motor vehicles within twenty (20) feet of any stand shall be provided and maintained.


No smoking shall be permitted in any structure used for storage or sale of fireworks nor within twenty-five (25) feet thereof.  "No Smoking" signs shall be prominently displayed in a number prescribed by the fire department, visible on all sides of the structure. 


Electrical circuits, wiring, devices and lighting are prohibited in temporary stands unless such installation has been made under a valid electrical permit obtained at the City's codes department.  No permit shall be required for battery-operated portable lighting devices.


Fireworks shall be stored and sold only in temporary fireworks stands erected solely for such purpose. It shall be unlawful to store or sell fireworks in any building, residence, garage, home, automobile, or other vehicle within the City of Junction City.

The Fire Chief shall seize, take, remove, or cause to be removed, at the expense of the owner, all stocks of fireworks offered or exposed for sale, or held in violation of Kansas Statutes and Regulations and this permit.

No person shall sell, store, display, or discharge any fireworks of any type in any permanent structure, nor within seventy five (75) feet of the same, except that any purchaser may discharge fireworks in conformance with these regulations in front of his own residence.

There shall be at least one person eighteen (18) years of age or older on duty within each stand at all times during the hours the stand is open.

If you are NOT the property owner of your selected location, written consent from the property owner will need to be obtained for your application.

Only tents of commercial grade that are labeled with a “Certificate of Flame Resistance” are allowed for use as fireworks stands.

Tents or canopies purchased at retail stores such as: Discount stores, sporting goods stores, department

stores, home improvement stores, etc., will not be allowed for use.


Each tent is required to have a minimum of 2 EXITS. These exits are to be located away from each other and are to be a minimum of 6 feet wide. The main entrance will count as one of the 2 required exits.

Each required Exit opening is to have an EXIT sign placed inside the tent directly above the opening.

EXIT signs are to be easily visible at all times.

EXITS are required to remain unobstructed at all times.

Fire Extinguishers

Each tent is required to have a (2) two portable fire extinguishers with a minimum rating of 2A.  One must be pressurized water type. Fire extinguishers may be larger in size but cannot be any smaller than 2A.

Based on the size of your tent, more than 2 fire extinguishers may be required.

Fire extinguishers are to be located where they are easily visible and easy to get to in the event of an emergency.

Sales/Display Tables

Sales/display tables are to be arranged so that they DO NOT BLOCK THE REQUIRED EXITS.

Aisle Widths

Aisle widths are to be no less than 44 inches wide.

Aisle widths are to be maintained at all times and free of any materials.

Grassy, Vacant Lot Stand Locations

If your retail fireworks stand is located on a grassy, vacant lot the following will be required:

  • All vegetation within 30 feet of tent sides including vegetation within the tent, is to be mowed to a maximum height of 2 inches.

  • The cleared areas are to be maintained the entire time that the tent is in place.

Waste Materials

Operating and maintaining a retail firework stand tent that is free of combustible waste materials, is a key factor in preventing fires. It is the responsibility of the retail fireworks stand employees to make sure that the area is maintained at all times and the following requirements are met:

The floor area inside the stand tent is to be kept free of combustible materials and waste.

All trash shall be removed from the premises and the fireworks stand each evening at the close of business and at regular intervals during hours of operation.

All waste containers must be a minimum of (20) twenty feet from sales tent. 
Original Packaging
All Fireworks shall remain in original packaging, unless otherwise permitted pursuant to regulations of the Kansas Fire Marshall.  (HR 07-6-4, Sec. 1)

A telephone must be on site for emergencies at all times.  The telephone requirement may be satisfied by maintaining an operable wireless phone on site.

Temporary Stand Removal  

The temporary stand, signs and storage shall be removed on or before July 8th.

Advertising Sign

Only one advertising sign can be erected to advertise each Fireworks Stand, which may be illuminated but shall not be flashing.  The sign cannot be larger than 32 sq. ft. and must be located in the front of the Fireworks Stand but not on the road or highway rights-of-way, and shall not represent a safety hazard.

Consumer Fireworks Inventory Storage

Retail fireworks stand applicants/owners may wish to store their inventory on-site.  To store your inventory on-site in a trailer or container the following requirements must be met:

  • The storage trailer/container is to be of metal construction.
  • The storage trailer/container is to be capable of being locked when inventory is not being removed.
  • The trailer/container is to remain locked at all other times.
  • Storage trailer/container is to be located a minimum of 20 feet away from any structure, tent or other retail fireworks stand.
  • Storage trailer/container is to be located a minimum of 100 feet away from any vehicle fuel station.
  • A sign stating ‘NO SMOKING WITHIN 50 FEET” is to be placed on the outside of the storage trailer/container. Below are sample signs. 
  • DOT (Department of Transportation) Placards are to be placed on the storage trailer/container. Placards are to be a minimum of 15 inches by 15 inches and located on 3 sides of the trailer/container.
  • DOT Placards are required to be orange in color with 1.4 G, noted on the placard. The 1.4G designation is to be 4 inches in height and black in color. The following are samples of the required DOT Placards.

Site Diagram

Prepare a site diagram to be submitted with your application. All of the following information is

required to be on the site diagram. Omission of required information may delay your application process or prevent your application from being approved.

  • Prepare site diagram
  • Name of retail stand
  • Address of stand location
  • Compass direction
  • Public roadways indicated
  • Names of roadways on diagram
  • Location of building(s) indicated
  • Name of building(s) indicated
  • Location of retail fireworks stand indicated
  • Size of temporary structure (tent) indicated
  • Size and location of any temporary fireworks storage units
  • Distances between stand and existing building(s)
  • Location and size of temporary signs

    Link to Fireworks Stand Permit Application        Link to Fireworks Stand Inspection List

    For Code information please see City Ordinances sections 210 and 655