Patrol Division

                                                   Captain Kirt Nichols             

Captain Kirt Nichols 

is the Commander of the Patrol/Operations Division of the Junction City Police Department. It is the largest division in the department. It consists of the 30 officers who provide the active uniformed patrol functions on the street. The members of this division are responsible for being the first line of defense in this community's fight against crime. These are the personnel who you see riding through your neighborhoods in the patrol vehicles.



The Patrol/Operations Division is comprised of eight marked patrol vehicles and one unmarked vehicle which are used to provide the active patrol activity on the street. Members of this division are also tasked with being assigned to the Tactical Response Unit. Other duties of this division consist of traffic enforcement, accident investigation, primary or initial criminal investigations, and crime prevention activities. This is done in a coordinated effort with the Community Involvement Unit.


Day Shift Patrol Supervisor Teams are: Lt. Matt Paquette and Sgt. Mitch Marston; and Lt. Dustin Murphy and Sgt. Ondre Miles.  Night Shift Patrol Supervisor Teams are: Lt. David Sloan and Sgt. Chris Breidenstein and  Lt. Douglas Cathey and Sgt. Brad Diel.


The members of the division stand tall to the task and are proud to serve the people of this community.