Basic Benefits

  • $20,000 Group Life Insurance Policy (The City pays the premium.)

  • Group Medical Insurance (Single or Family coverage; the City pays 75% of the Single premium.)

  • Group Dental Insurance (Single or Family coverage; the City pays the Single premium and 50% of the Family premium.)

  • Short Term Disability Insurance (City pays the employee's monthly premium.)

Pension Benefits

  • Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS).  Employees hired before July 1, 2009, the employee's contribution is 5% of your base salary.  Employees hired after July 1, 2009, the employee's contribution is 6% of your base salary.  Coverage begins the day of the employee's employment with the City.

  • Kansas Police and Fireman's Retirement System (KP&F)(Police and Fire only) equal to 7.15% of your base salary. Begins the first day of employment.

  • Social Security equal to 7.65% of your base salary.  For Police and Fire employees in the KP&F system, only Medicare is withheld at 1.45% of your base salary.

Fringe Benefits

  • Vacation hours (80 hours per year)
  • Sick hours (96 hours per year)
  • Personal time (16 hours per year)
  • OR PTO (8 hours per pay period) 
  • Injury leave (up to 56 hours per injury if needed)
  • Paid Holidays (ten per year)
  • Bereavement Leave (up to two days if needed)

For further information on these subjects please contact the Human Resources Department on the second floor of the Municipal Building, 700 N. Jefferson St.or call (785)238-3103 ext. 112.