Application Process

Those interested in a career with the Junction City Fire Department are encouraged to complete an Application when it is advertised on the City of Junction City employment website. If the position for Firefighter / Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is not listed we are not taking applications at this time. No filing fees are involved, but applications must be completed on the web.

Applications are maintained by the Junction City Human Resources Department. They will notify the applicants of the next time and date of the Written and Physical Agility examinations.

Written Assessment

The written test is based on basic firefighter skills knowledge from the latest edition of the IFSAC Firefighters Essential Manual.

Physical Agility Assessment

The physical assessment of the department is to gauge the physical abilities of a prospective member’s ability to conduct the necessary work firefighters encounter on the fire scene.

Interview Board

Applicants are scheduled for a personal interview with an interview board consisting of Officers of the department. Applicants are evaluated on character traits and abilities in the areas of decision making, judgments under pressure, ability to communicate, demeanor, integrity and credibility. Standard sets of questions are asked of each applicant and the applicant is scored numerically based on their answers. 

An opportunity is provided for the applicant to present their strong points and verbalize why they would be an asset to the Junction City Fire Department.

Chiefs Review of Applicants & Selection

Following the completion of all interviews, the Fire Chief evaluates all the applicant’s scores and ratings received in the prior phases. The Chief then places each candidate in a preferential hiring order.

Medical Examination

Each applicant is required to undergo an extensive medical examination to insure their physical condition and ability to perform the duties and functions required of this profession. During this examination a mandatory drug screen is administered. If an applicant is determined to be not qualified, they will be removed from the employment process and advised.


The employment process is lengthy and very detailed. The purpose of the Junction City Fire Department Hiring Assessment Process is to hire the most qualified persons to be representatives of our department to the community and beyond.

If you have any questions concerning the process. Contact Junction City Fire Department at 785-238-6822.