Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

Summary of Operations

The raw water is pumped from 9 groundwater wells, which are adjacent to the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), treated and further pumped into the overall distribution system. The WTP is a groundwater lime softening, rapid sand filtration and gas chlorination plant.

The WTP was last updated in part in 1996 and 2003.

The current average daily flow is approximately 3.7 to 4.4 MGD with a Design "Flow through" Capacity" 10 A.

Storage Tanks

The City has two elevated storage tanks and three ground storage tanks. The Spruce Street, 920 W Spruce Street, elevated tank (500,000-gallon capacity / steel stand pipe). Also at this location are two ground storage tanks (N Reservoir 550,000-gallon capacity / native stone / wooden roof and a S Reservoir 750,000-gallon capacity / concrete) along with a supplemental booster pump station. 

The Ash Street, 2232 Ash Street, elevated tank (1 million-gallon capacity / steel / concrete stand pipe), which is inter-connected to a small high pressure district system. 

The WTP plant has a ground level tank (1 million-gallon capacity), with the overall storage of 3.8 million gallons of storage within the system. Water pressure throughout the City from range from 45 to 95 psi through the two elevated tanks and pressures at the WTP

Rural Water District Number 4 & Grandview Plaza Distribution

Water is also purchase by Rural Water District Number 4 and Grandview Plaza.