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1. Do I need a certified tradesperson to work on my own home?
2. How can I get an inspection on the property that I am renting?
3. How do we go about enclosing the ditch in front of our house?
4. I think my neighbor's tree is dangerous - what should I do?
5. The snowplow damaged my yard and mailbox. What do I do?
6. What are the snow plowing priorities?
7. What Code applies to unsafe or existing buildings?
8. What Contractor licenses are issued by Code Enforcement?
9. What is required to obtain a building permit for a commercial structure?
10. What is required to obtain a building permit for a one or two family residential structure?
11. When will my street be cleaned?
12. When will my street get repaved?
13. Who do I call if I see somebody dumping things into the storm sewer system?
14. Who do I call if there is a broken tree limb or other hazardous material obstructing traffic?
15. Who issues building permits and business licenses?
16. Why are there flags/paint markings on my front lawn?