Is the Police Department currently hiring?

To find if the Police Department is currently hiring, please contact Lieutenant Douglas Cathey at 785-762-5912.

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1. Is the Police Department currently hiring?
2. How do I get started in the hiring process?
3. How long does the hiring process take?
4. What are the steps in the hiring process?
5. How many positions are currently open?
6. Is a college degree required?
7. Do I need prior police experience?
8. Is there an age requirement or restriction?
9. Is there a height or weight requirement?
10. What is the starting salary?
11. Do you have "Lateral Entry" for experienced officers?
12. Who pays for the Academy?
13. How long is the Academy?
14. Where is the Academy held?
15. Do I have to live in Junction City or the State of Kansas in order to apply for the position of Police Officer?
16. If I live "out of town," how many trips will I have to make to Junction City to complete the hiring process?
17. If travel to Junction City is necessary to take part in the hiring process, does the Police Department pay for or help defray the costs?
18. Does the Police Department furnish the needed uniforms and equipment?
19. How many commissioned officers does your department have?
20. How large is the City of Junction City?
21. What shifts do Patrol Officers work?