Junction City Planning Commission / Board of Zoning Appeals

The general purpose of the Junction City Planning Commission shall be to make those studies and plans for the development of the city that will guide the development and zoning of the city for the prosperity of citizens of Junction City. Such plans may include, but shall not be limited to recommendations for principal highways, bridges, airports, parks and recreational areas, schools and public institutions, and public utilities. Such plans shall be based on studies of physical, social, economic and governmental conditions and trends.

The Commission meet on the Second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 P.M. in the Second Floor Training Room of the Municipal Building.

City Staff Point of Contact for the commission is City Manager, Allen Dinkel.

Board Members
Kendall Schoenrock
Term expires - 31 December 2026
George  (Ed) Sauvage
Term expires - 31 Dec 2024
Mary Snipes
Term expires - 31 December 2025
Brad Chauncey
Term expires - 31 December 2026
Stuart Wells
Term Expires - 31 December 2025