Physical Ability Test

Members of the Police Department administer the Physical Abilities Test with oversight by the Human Resources Department.

Applicants for the position of Patrol Officer with The City of Junction City are required to participate in a strenuous physical ability test. This test is designed to test the applicants’ physical ability to perform the essential job functions of a patrol officer to include the pursuing and subduing of a fleeing adult male suspect. 

Testing Stations

The test requires the applicants to complete the following stations:

  1. The test will be 300 yards in length.
  2. There are five different stations/events that the applicant will be tested on.
  3. These events are designed to test the physical abilities of the applicant during simulated events that one could possibly encounter performing the duties of a patrol officer during a patrol shift.
  4. This is a timed test with a maximum time limit of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to successfully complete the test.
    1. 165 Pound Dummy Drag, 50 Feet
    2. 6-Foot High Chain Link Fence, Climb
    3. Running Long Jump, 5 Feet
    4. Cuffman Handcuffing Exercise
    5. Pylon Zig Zag
    6. Sprint to Finish

The test simulates obstacles, which a police officer could encounter during a foot chase of a suspect or dealing with subjects in emergency situations.