Application Process

Those interested in a career with the Junction City Police Department are encouraged to complete an Application when it is advertised on the City of Junction City employment website. If the position for Police Officer is not listed we are not taking applications at this time. No filing fees are involved, but applications must be completed on the web.

Applications are maintained by the Junction City Human Resources Department. Police Personnel notify the applicants of the next time and date of the Written and Physical Agility examinations.

Application Evaluation

The application form and all requested documents are examined and evaluated against an extensive list of automatic disqualifiers established by the Administrative Services Department. Basic areas of automatic disqualifiers are:

  • Hard drug usage in the last 5 years. 
  • Marijuana use in the last 2 years.
  • Misdemeanor criminal convictions occurring within 5 years prior to application for employment and any felony convictions.

Any finding of an automatic disqualifier eliminates the applicant from further consideration.

Failure to supply the information requested results in an automatic disqualification.

Required Additional Documents

Additionally, applicants will later be required to supply a certificate of graduation, high school and college transcripts, a copy of their social security card and a copy of their driver’s license. Current and former military, or current or former law enforcement officers, a DD 214 or law enforcement certification should be included with other documentation.