Psychological Testing

The applicants are required to undergo a psychological evaluation. The psychological testing consist of the following test: 

  • The 16 PF Personality Test and the Hilson Public Safety Personal History Questionnaire
  • The Inwald Personality Inventory Test
  • MMPI-2 Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory - This test identifies potential individuals with anti-social/violent and expressed anger patterns. 
  • The Verbal Test
  • The Wonderlic Personnel Test

The results of these tests, administered by Psychological Sciences Corporation are rated, scored and used by Dr. Ronald Waln in evaluating the applicant.

Psychological Interview

The Junction City Police Department is fortunate to have Dr. Waln evaluate and screen each applicant prior to being employed with the Junction City Police Department. Dr. Waln conducts a personal interview with each of the applicants prior to offering them a final job offer. 

All information gathered on the applicant to date is provided to Dr. Waln to assist in making his evaluation and recommendation on the applicant.